My sister moved to London on the weekend (yay!) so I spent my time with her, helping move boxes and lunge a bunch of stuff up the stairs to her room. Moving is such a tiring job, unpacking and reorganising, shuffling furniture around – she brought WAY too much stuff as well, it was my workout for the day.

I still can’t believe she’s moved here and we’re now sisters in the city 👭
Plus she’s a 30 minute walk away from me which makes it even more insane!

On the Sunday we went exploring to see the area. It led to finding what looks like the Hunger Games. I’ve visited here before but it never fails to amaze me. Its such a cool and unusual place I was keen to show my sister.

Naturally, I had my camera so we took some snaps 📷

I’m completely fresh faced and a little more serious in this photo story – channeling my inner Katniss Everden? Maybe.

Jasmine Rose





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