Another weekend spent at my sisters flat! I love being walking distance away.

This time I brought along my best friend to show her around and catch up with my sister.
We’ve all known each other our whole lives, literally since toddler age. We used to live down the road from one another too, as kids. Ending up at the same secondary school as well, we pretty much grew up together👭

It really felt like Autumn on this particular day, and I was wearing the kind of colours to suit the season 🍂 🍁  It’s a pretty sight with all the colourful leaves but I much prefer Summer – I can’t function in cold temperatures.

My sisters place is really good for photos, lots of white space and old-fashioned elements.
I have the same type of tall sash windows in my flat, which are one of my favourite parts of Victorian houses. They give such a great natural light, which is evident in this photo story.

I think we managed to capture something a little angelic.


Jasmine Rose


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