Most of my photo stories are unplanned. My camera just goes everywhere with me and taking photos 24/7 is a habit of mine. I’ve always been into photography, it’s something I love doing. Often, I go out on my own to find hidden places and discover a new area, I’m kind of like Dora the Explorer with a camera🙋🏽 🎒 📷

Depending on my day and who I’m with, I’ll ask them to take a few snaps of me.
A lot of people think I have some sort of photographer that follows me around and takes all of my pictures but most of the time its my best friend and sister!
(A huge shoutout to them for capturing some super cool shots of me!) I always shoot some of them in return anyway 😛

jxr-rosegold-002This particular photo story was planned. I had a theme in mind of ‘sporty cool’ in an urban area and I’m so pleased with how they turned out!
I can’t credit my friend Lotem enough for capturing these. We had such a great time shooting, catching up and randomly dancing when we felt like it.
Make sure you check out her Instagram, she’s the sweetest thing.

I’ve never ventured to South/East London where we shot this before, so this new location gave a good twist to things. But ultimately my rose gold bomber made the whole look, it’s my new favourite thing 🌸

Jasmine Rose


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