Life has been so busy for me lately, but I am grateful for everything I have going on.
I posted a quote on my Twitter during the week about this – how you shouldn’t measure yourself by other people and what they’re doing.
Its so easy to compare yourself to others and become doubtful about where your headed, but you must try and stay focused on your goals and work really hard to achieve them.
I’m such a strong believer in working for what you want; nothing worth having comes easy.

This photo story was from the weekend with my friend Vanessa. We used to meet up more often to take pictures when we had more time as students, but working 9-5 makes it a little more difficult.
It was pretty much a working day for us though, shooting some of her custom-made pieces for LockNess London.
I love photography obviously, but this shoot involved a little more art direction which was pretty exciting. Keep an eye out on @locknesslondon 💣🌹 for the pictures!

I was keen to get a few more shots with my Toyko hood jacket 🎌 so we attempted exploring where we were, but found the area wasn’t that exciting.
It wasn’t until we headed back home that we noticed a cool walkway in the DLR station.
Most areas I shoot in are quite secluded with not many people around, but this was a bit more public – I’m pretty thankful it wasn’t rush hour!

Any day that involves taking photos in cool locations is a good one. So yay to creativity and all the beauty around us 💥 ✨


Jasmine Rose


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