I can’t believe it’s November already! Last month flew by but it was one of the best.

I met up with some creative friends of mine @robertjesse_ and @ladiandrews one weekend who are similar to Keenan and Kel, except they wear all black and jam to Kayne✊🏾 I see them as brothers, and I’m so happy to of met them both. They are amazingly talented, great guys.
Jesse is fashion designer who has photographed me for a few of his collections before, and his buddy Ladi is a videographer – so the two combined makes the best duo 🙌🏾

It had been a while since we’d met up, so I was pretty excited to shoot some cool things and hang. Most of the behind the scenes & photos from the shoot are on my Instagram
We did a video too which I’m looking forward to seeing  👀 📹

On the way to our location we came across this pretty street and I kept thinking about taking some photos there after we wrapped up for the day.
So heading back, I just stood in the middle of the road and posed 😄
I love the colour of the leaves in this; showing Autumn’s beauty🍂🍂

So many of my weekends are based around meeting up with friends and taking photos. People often ask me ‘What was the shoot for?’ And I reply: for fun!
I think its important to do the things you love! This website is a visual journal which I choose to share, just because I want to. I love to document moments of my days and share a small story behind the adventure. Not everyday is like this, I work all week and spend time with my family – but I also schedule in the time to do the things that I enjoy doing with good company.

Its good for the soul 🌝

Jasmine Rose


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