Its been a while since I’ve shared a photo story. I’ve been a busy bee🐝 and shifted a lot of focus on my design work.

I’ve been really reflective over the last few weeks, thinking about the things I’ve done in 2016 and looking at new things to manifest. I’ve become a very goal oriented person this year; I like to challenge myself, be a goal setter & go getter 💪🏾💥
Plus I believe in designing the kind of life you want to live and that can only happen if you take action.
I love learning through the process and the feeling of progress is so motivating!

Most people set goals in January, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But whats the point in waiting for 2017 when you can just start now?
I used to think you needed a sign, or something/someone to tell you, give you permission to go after what you want. But really, the sign is that your looking for a sign.
I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter if you start working towards something you want on a Tuesday night or the beginning of a new month. Get excited & begin!😀


No matter how small you start, start something that matters to you.


This Sunday involved avocado on toast, ping zing juices and p l a n t s. I was in my zone.
@vanessaroseblair accompanied me for the day👭  We caught up on life and all that jazz.

It’s been so cold recently, but this day made me feel a little warmer with the tropical vibes and well – heating.
I had a great time and loved the pretty pink setup!💓 A nice change from the tones of Autumn.




Jasmine Rose



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