I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather recently. London is so cold⛄️
But no matter how many times I visualise the future me, packing my bags and moving to some place with palm trees & sunshine – I think I’d miss the city.

There’s just something about London. The buildings, the hustle and bustle and the vibes⚡️⚡️⚡️ London always has something going on – its the place to be. Plus it’s so creative and diverse which I love.
I’ve always dreamed of living here. I still get moments every now and again when I just think; wait, I actually live here? I am super blessed & grateful.

This photo story was from the weekend lunching with friends. I love the light in the pictures, they show the freshness of a chilly day.

A few people have asked me how I edit my photos but its all natural baby!
I often adjust the brightness & contrast but the beauty of photography for me is capturing something that doesn’t need editing or retouching.

I love a VSCO Cam filter for things like my Instagram but this website is me most authentically. I like to keep things pure and real🌱✨ The photos I share and the words you read – its all genuine.

Jasmine Rose


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