Since the new year has come around I’ve been focused on a lot of design work. I spent the majority of 2016 in development mode which has been a great journey – I’ve learnt so much about myself and what I want to do. 2017 is all about heading straight for it and manifesting my desires 👊🏼💥

This space has been pretty neglected… but over the weekend I had a inspiring experience.
I did a podcast interview which was so much fun! I spoke about what I do and my thoughts on being a creative person & social media.
It can be a very nerve-racking thing – voicing your beliefs and opinions (plus I was concerned how my voice sounded on tape😶) but as we continued, the conversation just flowed.

Melissa & and her co-host Olivia introduced me as a blogger & writer which was surprising to hear! I document my adventures and say what I please, but from an outside perspective I didn’t think I came across that way! I’m a designer at heart💓
The way they spoke so kindly about my website & social feed was super sweet – it made me miss sharing my adventures and the story behind them.
I didn’t think many people paid much attention; but she ensured me otherwise which was great to hear 😊

I enjoyed every second of the interview, exchanging our thoughts and ideas. We took some cool snaps in the cute cafe we were in too. The podcast will be live very soon on

So thank you to Melissa, Olivia and the few that stumble across my website, I’m glad what I do is of interest to you 🌿✨

Jasmine Rose


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