I’ve been wanting to visit Barbican in London for a while now. I’d seen so many photographs online showing its urban vibe, with lots of cool buildings and scenery.
So my weekend was well spent with @alishadandy exploring the area! 😃

This day was so windy – my fro couldn’t handle it✋🏾  There are so many edits of my hair covering my face; I don’t know how people take cool windy photos. I think its a total skill. Luckily, we managed to capture some good snaps when the wind stopped for a moment or two.

We ventured to different parts of the area, but this photo story was captured just by a wall! I love the contrast of the green and the concrete – a simple surrounding but impactful 👊🏾

I’d 100% visit again purely for the botanical greenhouse which you can also dine in 🍴
There were so many unusual plants, cacti & succulents I was in my dream land 🌵 🌴 🌱 🌿


Jasmine Rose


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