Plantain, palm trees & patties! Hello home 🌴 🇯🇲
In March I went to Jamaica to visit my Grandma & Grandad, and ate my weight in Jamaican food 😛

I put my phone away during my time here so I could just be present with my family. I’m naturally an old soul; I prefer books to technology. So writing, reading, exploring and just being with my family – I had the best time.
In-between it all I took lots of photos from our mini adventures – the scenery was insane. I fell in love all over again for tropical plants & greens as you can probably tell from this photo story.

I’ve been posting some pictures on my Instagram since I’ve been back and turned on my wifi! I’m already having holiday blues.
I also uploaded a snap of a notebook that I designed & got made.
I can’t describe the feeling of holding your own design in real life😝
I’m in the process of making more and I’m super excited!


Jasmine Rose


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