There are always such good vibes in Shoreditch💥 I love the atmosphere of this place and on a sunny day its even better.
This photo story was captured by @alishadandy 🌸  We spent the day exploring, visiting cute cafe shops and singing S Club 7 songs💃🏼  (mainly me). I’m a little bit of human radio and can burst out into song at any moment – they’re usually the most random of genres.

On this day I learned the importance of who you surround yourself with.
I’ve been aware of this for quite some time now and I’m careful who I keep close to me.
Your circle should simply be good people that make you feel good. They should be supportive of you and positive – who you can just be yourself around.
I think you will always have friends that will resonate with parts of your life more than others. I have my fro’ sister Alisha who loves creating photo stories like I do. And other friends that enjoy health & fitness like me too😊

I often say to my friends ‘your the only person I can do this with!’ I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

Your vibe attracts your tribe🌞🌈💫  And the only way you can attract the people you want to you is by being yourself.
So just be you! Or weird, like me. Weird is cool too.

Choose people that choose you.


Jasmine Rose


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